Decision Rule Engine - Your Key to Smarter Decision-Making!

Streamline your decision-making with Decision Rule Engine. Our cutting-edge technology built on Salesforce allows you to easily automate complex decision-making processes, giving you the power to analyse large amounts of data and arrive at a logical conclusion in seconds. It supports 500+ decision rules and works with any standard or custom object - Decision rules can also include related objects.

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Industries that can benefit from using Decision Rule Engine


Finance and Banking

for credit scoring, fraud detection, and risk assessment.

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for identifying high-risk patients and providing proactive care.

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for underwriting, claims processing, and risk management.

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for personalized marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, and lead scoring.

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for inventory management, pricing optimization, and customer segmentation.



for supply chain optimization, quality control, and predictive maintenance.

Any industry that requires complex decision-making processes can leverage Decision Rule Engine to automate and optimize their decision-making process.Need for Decision Rule Engine in Lending process


Credit Scoring

It can help automate the credit scoring process by analysing borrower credit history, income, employment, and other relevant factors. The system can then automatically approve or reject the loan application based on pre-defined credit score rules.

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Income Verification

With our another cutting edge tool Plaid Bank Connect, lenders can automate the income verification process. The system can then automatically approve or reject the loan application based on pre-defined income verification rules.

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Risk Assessment

It can help reduce the risk of default by setting up rules to flag high-risk applications for further review. The system can analyze factors such as borrower credit history, loan-to-value ratio, and debt-to-income ratio to identify potential risks.

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Fraud Detection

It can help prevent fraud by analyzing borrower information, loan application data, and other relevant factors. The system can then flag suspicious applications for further review and investigation.

Features & Benefits

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Customizable rules

It allows you to customize decision-making rules to match your business needs. You can tailor the system to work for your specific use case and ensure that it aligns with your unique business goals..

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Data analysis

It is built to handle large amounts of data and can help you identify patterns and insights. Make more informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of your data.


Intuitive Interface

Decision Rule Engine has an intuitive user interface to easily set up and manage decision-making rules.

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Workflow automation

It automates complex decision-making workflows, eliminating the need for manual analysis and freeing up your time and resources for other tasks.

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Real-time analysis

It allows you to make quick decisions based on the latest information available. This means you can respond to changes in your business environment faster and with greater confidence.

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Faster set up compared to market standards


Faster rule creation compared to our competitor


Pocket friendly compared to market standards

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