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Cloud Maven’s “Secure File Transport!”- Powered by BotDoc © can help you send or receive files directly from Salesforce, with full encryption, and without the need for pins or passwords that add friction to the process making it a safer and simpler way to send and receive critical documentation.

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How will this app protect my data?

Secure File Transport lets you send and receive sensitive data directly into and from Salesforce, while maintaining the highest level of encryption, from beginning to end.

  •   We promise you won’t have to deal with risky PINS, passwords, logins, accounts, apps, or software to download.
  •   It’s fully automated. No need to mess with email attachments, delays while waiting for your data to arrive, or secure emails.
  •  Human error is minimized. No forgetting passwords. And absolutely no more fax.
Secure File Transport

What Customers Are Saying

RockSolid Funding

Bryne Swink

Rock Solid Funding

What can I do with this app?

Through an easy and intuitive dashboard, this native Salesforce application gives you access to a variety of customizable options for the bank data you need.

Banking application development, integration, and implementation costs can get pretty high, which is why this easy-to-use app is that much more efficient. It’s ready to go, whenever you are.


Data is protected throughout the transfer

The data is secure with the highest level of encryption, whether on the go or at rest.

TLS and AES 256 bit encryption


Meet compliance requirements

Securely transport files while maintaining all necessary compliance requirements.
Privacy Shield

manual processes

No manual processes minimize error

Automation replaces risky practices such as email attachments, managing login information, and faxing.

track files

Track files in real-time

Real-time activity tracking in your Salesforce environment for file transport


Analyze metrics and insights

Reporting metrics provide statistical details, graphs, and charts of every activity.

reporting metrics

Reporting metrics provide statistical details, graphs, and charts of every activity.

Guaranteed improved customer experience over all other secure file transfer solutions

Frequently Asked Question

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Do you provide a free trial?


Is it Secure to send Emails and Texts?

The application is PCI DSS, FERPA, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, SOC2, and the GDPR compliant.

Is there any limit on the File Format?

No, you can send/receive any File formats.

Can we automate the File Requesting Process?

Yes, Of Course

Can we use your own Twilio account?


Can the Email have our Logo?

Email and SMS can be fully customized for your company

Do we support multiple Email Templates?


Will we know what Files the customer uploaded?

Yes, All the incoming files can be tagged.

How long does it take to receive the document?

As soon as the merchant uploads and completes the request

Do we provide Integration with Content Management apps?

Yes, we provide integration with, Docu Vault, etc.

Can we configure notifications when the merchant uploads/downloads the Files?


Can the app be configured to send/receive files from multiple Objects in Salesforce?

Yes, Absolutely.

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Not only are other secure data transport methods more difficult to use correctly, they tend to be expensive. Secure File Transport makes transferring encrypted files a piece of a fraction of the cost. It’s ready to go, whenever you are.

Are you ready to make your life easier with instant, secure file transfers?

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