Credit Checker - Instant Credit Reports from Experian™, Transunion® and Equifax®.

Credit Checker is a fast and user friendly application that lets you easily pull credit reports using data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce. It provides instant credit reports for businesses to make efficient accurate decisions by pulling real-time data from Experian™, Transunion® & Equifax®

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Product Features

credit data

Comprehensive Credit Data

Retrieve real-time credit reports including demographic information, current and historical tradeline details, OFAC, MLA, Liens and Judgment, public records and inquiries.


API and Integration

The highly scalable integration to CreditAPI gives access to normalized data for anywhere from one to three of the national credit bureaus.


Instant Merge Report

Supports merging of credit bureau data to instantly provide a more accurate and complete picture of consumer’s risk profile.

What Customers Are Saying

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Angelica Resendez

Senior Director of Homeownership Services
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Comprehensive Credit Data



Customizable ready-to use salesforce plugins

automate the credit reporting

Fully automate the credit reporting and decisioning process.

credit data

Eliminate the errors of transferring the credit data or missing items all together

credit report

Significantly reduce the time to generate and review the credit report

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing


No long term contracts

Frequently Asked Question

Still have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

Do you provide a free trial?


Do we need to have a contract with the credit bureaus?

Customers need to have membership with at least one bureau. If you don’t have one, Our specialist will help you start the membership without long term commitment.

Can we automate the credit reporting and decision process?

Yes, our expert team can automate as per client’s needs.

Does application support Canadian consumer reports?

Yes, The application support credit reports on US and Canadian consumers.

Can we provide a decision based on the credit report?

Yes, indeed.

Does a SSN have to be used

No, however you would need to let us know so we can enable that option. All zero’s must be entered into the SSN field. For testing you must use the SSN given.

Can a soft pull as well as a hard pull be requested?

Yes, as long as your company has permissible purpose for a soft inquiry.

What is a reorder limit?

Reorder limit is set as a standard at 30 days unless notified otherwise. This means that a user cannot order more than one report on a consumer in 30 days. Only a copy of the original report will be issued.