Medical Insurance Verification

Medical Insurance Verification, gives you instant secure access to more than 850 health payers from our Salesforce platform, allowing you to check a patient’s eligibility and benefits, obtain real-time authorizations, check referrals, and more in an instant with accuracy and precision. It supports commercial as well as govt payers including Medicare and Medicaid. From co-pays to out-of-pockets, deductibles, limitations, and more, there’s no need to leave Salesforce to perform patient coverage within no time.

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Why do clients partner with us?

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integrations

Seamlessly integrate to any existing workflow using Salesforce health cloud or Service cloud.

Real-time verification

Real-time verification

Instantly verify patient coverage and access coinsurance, copay, and deductible information and benefits.

health payers

Largest health payers

Access to the world's largest group of over 850 real- time commercial and government payers.

security complaint

Security Complaint

Supports Secure and Reinforced HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based Environment

What Customers Are Saying

MIMIT healthcare

Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, MD

Founder and Chairman
MIMIT Healthcare

Product Features


Compatible with Salesforce Health & Service Cloud

Medical Insurance Verification stores all data in your Salesforce platform, so you can integrate and automate benefits verifications directly into your workflow and onto the patient’s record in the Health and Service Cloud. Bonus features include real-time authorizations and referrals, patient cost estimators, and professional facility claims.

Eligibility information

Comprehensive Eligibility Information

Medical Insurance Verification, verifies eligibility and benefits by connecting to the world’s largest group of over 850 commercial and government payers.This sophisticated system improves productivity, saves you time and money, and fosters fewer denials.



Real-time authorizations and referrals


Improved productivity

bad debt

Debt Minimization

billing errors

Fosters fewer billing errors and denials


Increased Cash collection

operational cost

Operational cost savings of up to 40%

patient satisfaction

Increased patient satisfaction

reporting and analytics

Superior Reporting & Analytics


Procedure-specific verification

Frequently Asked Question

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Do you provide a free trial?


How many payers are supported by the application?

As of Aug 2020, we support 827 government and commercial payers.

Is the application compatible with the health cloud data model?

The application is built on a health cloud platform hence its fully compatible.

I don’t have a health cloud license, can I perform the insurance eligibility and benefits verification?

Yes, we also offer non-health cloud compatible applications. Please Contact us for more details.

How is data stored and transmitted?

Data is stored in the customer’s salesforce instance which is managed by the customer and Salesforce. Cloud Maven doesn’t have the access to the data unless the customer grants the access. Data is encrypted in-transit using TLS 1.2 or higher protocol.

How many service types are supported?

We support upto 187 different service types.

Does the application support Medicare A and Medicare B?

Yes, the application provides robust data for Medicare A and Medicare B.