OFAC Checker – An automated all in one platform to check anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing services on individual and organization based on national security in USA.

Cloud Maven, Inc.’s “OFAC Checker” helps you in conducting unlimited OFAC check on individuals and entities inside Salesforce instantly.

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What makes us Industry leader?

Use OFAC Checker to scan for sanctioned individuals or entities from embargoed countries or regions manually, automatically or in batch processing.



Accelerate the compliance process with global access and simplify the compliance requirements.


Automate business process

Streamline your business process by providing you with regularly updated database of OFAC rules, regulations, and notices from all the agencies.


Reporting and Analytics

Stay afore of changes in risk status with continuous monitoring through OFAC dashboard providing statistical details, graphs and charts of every activity , offering real-time statistics on OFAC searches.

Features & benefits of OFAC Checker

user friendly

User friendly

time and cost-effective

Time and cost-effective


Save all the data right inside salesforce


Pull OFAC search from any standard or custom Salesforce object


Scan all transactions against OFAC databases

Frequently Asked Question

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Do you provide a free trial?

Yes. We provide a free 30-day trial without any contract or commitment.

Can I link OFAC search with any standard or custom object?

Yes, OFAC search can be linked with any standard or custom object.

Do I need to review the same hits each time I search?

No, you don’t need to review the same hits for every new OFAC search. Items marked as “False Positives” stay marked for all the searches.

What details do we require to run an OFAC check?

You only require the name of the person or entity to run an OFAC check.