Criminal Checker  – Easy and effective background screening for better tenants, job applicants, and employees inside Salesforce.

Criminal Checker gives you instant criminal and eviction reports for business in 50 U.S states, including Washington D.C.

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Get all screening solutions in one report:

  •   Multi-jurisdictional court record
  •   Terrorist watch list
  •  Incarceration record
  •  OFAC and Sex offender search
  •  International Criminal records
  •  Prison inmate record
  •  Probation, Parole, and release record
  •  Want, warrants and traffic record
  •  Certificate against social security administration death master file

Benefits of OFAC Checker


Advanced Technology


Real-time result






Maximize Productivity

data verification

Accurate Data Verification

easy to use

Easy to use

Frequently Asked Question

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Do you provide a free trial?

Yes. We provide a free 30-day trial without any contract or commitment.

What information do we require to run a background check in Criminal Checker?

To run a background check, you need to enter only first name, last name, and mailing address.

What name matching system does?

Our name matching system uncovers addresses, dob, and all know aliases including maiden name and nicknames.