Lending Manager - A Seamless Loan Origination and Servicing Platform! 

Introducing Lending Manager, our comprehensive loan origination and loan servicing solution for lenders and brokers built on the robust Salesforce platform with exceptional AI/ML capabilities. With fully customizable features tailored to your needs—from initial application to final approval to loan servicing - Lending Manager empowers you to navigate the entire lending landscape confidently.   

With over 175 API integrations, third-party risk assessment providers, referral partners and lenders; it simply elevates the lending experience.

Unlock the power of seamless lending with Lending Manager - redefining speed, ease, and convenience. 


Access Cloud Maven's 5-Star Review

More Than


Loan Applications Automation

Less Than


Minutes to make a credit decision



Saving on labor cost



Cost reduction on IT spending



Reduction in Time from Loan Initiation to Approval

Businesses using our Lending Manager

credit data

Commercial Lender

Merchant Cash Advance, Business Loan and Equipment financing firms can streamline loan application process, automate credit assessment, and improve customer experience using LOS.


Consumer Lender

Mortgage lenders, Student loan providers, Solar and Auto financing firms can utilize it to process loan applications, assess creditworthiness, and manage lending process.



Brokerage firms can use Lending Manager to manage loan applications, automate the process of submission and approval and enhance the customer experience.

Lending Manager role in Loan Origination

Automate 60%+ loan applications for both lenders and brokers

By removing manual efforts and automating the entire process

Increase loan processing efficiency, close deals faster

By data-driven insights, simple document management, risk assessment, real-time communication with instant notifications within Salesforce - Free up valuable resources

Reduces errors and improve turnaround times

Fully automated, minimized manual errors, faster decisions and quicker loan approvals

Scale your loan origination capabilities

Meet the demands of your growing business - streamlined workflows, automated tasks, and reduced learning curve ensures scalability

Lending Manager role in Loan Servicing

Borrowers loan account

Loan Account Creation With Information Regarding Loan Amount, Loan Status, Loan Balance, etc. - Creation Of Payment Schedule

Amortization schedule preparation

Capability To Prepare Amortization Schedule And Know Your Loan Balance, The Amount Of Each Payment, The Portion Of Each Payment Applied To Interest And Principal, And The Remaining Loan Balance After Each Payment.

Easy Payment Notice Generation

Can Send Automated Notice Via Email Or SMS To Borrowers With Prior Due Date, Payment Amount, Payment Link, etc.

Autmated Collections and Payment Processiong

Receive Payments And Enjoy Automated Loan Account Details Updates.

Account Management

Automated Management Of Fields Like Balances, Payment Histories, Adjustments, Late Payment Fees, etc.

Customer Self-Service

Customer Portal Offers Easy Loan Account Management, Seamless Payments, Easy Communications, And Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

What is Lending Manager and what does it do?

Lending Manager is a seamless loan origination and servicing solution built on Salesforce. It automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and provides data-driven insights to help you manage the entire lending process, from initial application to final funding and loan servicing.

How does Lending Manager enhance the borrower experience during loan servicing?

Lending Manager is capable of providing the feature of customer portal, wherein borrowers can easily access their loan management, payment statuses, make payments seamlessly, and get help from support.

What are the benefits of using Lending Manager?

Some key benefits of Lending Manager are; increased efficiency, enhanced accuracy, improved customer experience, scalability, and seamless third-party services integration.

How can Lending Manager help me automate loan servicing tasks?

Lending Manager automates tasks like loan account management, generating amortization schedules, and sending automated payment notification and processing batch collections notifications regarding payment status. This saves time, minimizes errors, and ensures accurate record-keeping.

How can Lending Manager help me automate the loan origination process?

Lending Manager automates tasks involved in loan applications, freeing up your valuable time and resources. This includes features like automated document intake, data extraction,  and risk assessment, pre-qualification rules, and communication with borrowers and lenders.

How does Lending Manager improve turnaround times for loan approvals?

By automating tasks, reducing errors, and providing real-time communication tools, Lending Manager streamlines the entire loan origination process, leading to faster decisions and quicker loan approvals.

Does Lending Manager integrate with my existing Salesforce platform?

Yes, Lending Manager is built on Salesforce and offers seamless integration with your existing Salesforce org. It can also work standalone and help you save money on the Salesforce license fee.

How can I learn more about Lending Manager?

To learn more, please feel free to mail us at solutions@cloudmaveninc.com. We will be delighted to assist you with the same.