Lending Manager - Powered by Salesforce

Looking for a powerful software that can streamline your lending process?
Look no further! Lending Manager is built on Salesforce platform to automate and streamline the entire loan process, from application to funding, making it faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. This fully customized loan origination software (LOS) provides 100+ API integrations with lenders, referral partners, and third party risk assessment partners to eliminate system redundancies and improve the lending experience.


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Businesses using our Lending Manager

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Commercial Lender

Merchant Cash Advance, Business Loan and Equipment financing firms can streamline loan application process, automate credit assessment, and improve customer experience using LOS.


Consumer Lender

Mortgage lenders, Student loan providers, Solar and Auto financing firms can utilize it to process loan applications, assess creditworthiness, and manage lending process.



Brokerage firms can use Lending Manager to manage loan applications, automate the process of submission and approval and enhance the customer experience.

Features of Lending Manager

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Credit Application

Fully customized intake form collects borrower's information at the intial stage to streamline data collection, & reduce manual effort.

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Underwriting Automation

It involves evaluating borrowers' multiple information to determine loan eligibility for final approval.

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Duplicate Management

It identifies duplicate borrower records within the system to prevent multiple instances of the same application.

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Risk Integration

It performs credit score checks,criminal checks, income & ID verification,  authenticate bank data using Plaid Bank Connect, document insight.

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Offer Management

Offer Management allows lenders to customize loan terms and interest rates based on borrower's creditworthiness.

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Secure Communication

It facilitates interactive, real- time conversation involved in lending process via Telephony, SMS & eFax, Secure Email and Secure File Transport.

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Payment Schedule

It outlines the timing, amounts, & frequency of loan repayments a borrower is required to make over the loan term.

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Document Management

It supports document generation and e-signature to manage documents throughout the lending process.


Built in Compliance

It maintains all necessary compliance requirements including HIPAA compliance, PCI and SOC 2 Compliance.

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Real time updates

It tracks all the activities in real-time inside Salesforce.



It supports Single Sign On {SSO} Multi-factor authentication and eliminates login restrictions.


Dynamic reports and Dashboard

It provides simplified, intuitive screens to review critical loan information quickly and efficiently in real-time.


Mobile Responsive

It enables all parties to stay connected and perform tasks while on the move, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Benefits of Lending Manager


Highest uptime

Provides highest uptime than the competitors

automate the credit reporting

Fast to implement

Fast implementation process allows users to start originating on the platform quickly and efficiently.

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Scale your business

Supports multiple integration to automate the credit decision and operate efficiently.

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Streamlined loan applications

It simplifies the application process for lenders and borrowers, making it easy for them to provide and get all the necessary documents in one place.

competitive pricing

Fully customizable platform

Tailor your lending process to meet your specific needs with our flexible workflow options.


Automated decision making

It uses advanced algorithms to quickly analyze borrower data and make informed decisions on loan approval.

With Lending Manager, you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers, without worrying about the complexities of the lending process.Feel relief knowing you have a system that helps you make better lending decisions.

Frequently Asked Question

Still have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes, we provide a free 30 day trial.

 Do we need to purchase seperate license to run the application?

No, the customer requires only Salesforce license to run this software.

Does the app support multiple channels?

Yes, the app supports multiple channels including - API, Email and web.

 What this software does?

The software incorporates a loan portfolio - starting from quick mortgage origination processes to complex business loans for individuals, SMEs or corporations.

Does it require any coding knowledge to customize Intake form?

No, any one can customize the intake form.

Which API is used for lead generation?

The software supports lead generation through Fundera, Lending Tree and BusinessLoan.

Does the app save Intake form in real- time?

Yes. Borrowers can also resume the form if left incomplete.