Secure File Transfer Flow

  • Login to your Salesforce Org.
  • Go to the existing Source Object Record or Create a new one.
  • Make Sure to Populate the required fields of the applicant First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email on Contact to Run Secure File Transfer.
  • File Request Method: How to Request a File from the Applicant.
  • Click on File Request Button on Source Object Record.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-6.44.12-PM-768x421-1
  • You can See all Required Fields will be auto-populated.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-6.48.12-PM-768x420-1
  • To send the Request by Phone.
  • Expand Request by SMS Section.
  • Make Requests by Phone Toggle to True.
  • Note: We can also configure this in our One Time custom setting to default to true or false depending on the requirement.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-6.51.52-PM-768x419-1
  • Follow the same step if you want to send the request by Email.
  • You can change the Email body and Email Subject According to your requirement.
  • Note: Currently the SMS And Email Content is getting populated on the records created under Text/Email Template Object.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-6.55.28-PM-768x420-1
  • If Two Factor Authentication is Required.
  • Expand the Advanced Settings Section.
  • Make the Two Factor Authentication Toggle to true.
  • If you want to change the Expiration Date or add a private note for the recipient.
  • Note:- We can also set these values to default according to your requirement.
  • Click on Send Request Button.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-6.58.32-PM-768x420-1
  • Congratulations! You have successfully Sent the File Request.
  • The user will get an email in the below format.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.10.05-PM-768x467-1
  • Now the user needs to click on the link to upload a file
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.11.12-PM-768x424-1
  • Click on the Related Tab of the Record You will be able to see the File Request Object has been created.
  • Click on the File Request Object.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.16.14-PM-768x420-1
  • On this Record, you can see the status of the Request.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.19.45-PM-768x421-1
  • All the Files sent by the Applicant will be visible in this section with their File Type.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.25.28-PM-768x424-1
  • Send File Method: How to Send File to the User.
  • Go to the Source Object Record.
  • Click on the Send File button on the page.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.27.51-PM-768x421-1
  • Select File to Upload or Select an existing File.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.29.19-PM-768x421-1
  • Click on Send Request Button.
Cloud Services - Screenshot-2020-05-14-at-7.30.25-PM-768x420-1
  • Thanks for choosing Cloud Maven’s Secure File Transfer Application.
  • Please reach out to us at in case of any queries and concerns.